May 16, 2014 · Now assuming you are using 5.5" labels with a 1/16" gap, this is probably a smidgin too big. Try reducing the 203s to 190 or the 914 a little. In fact, if you temporarily remove this line and the resultant label prints OK, then that's a quick-and-dirty test that should prove the point. Share.. "/>
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Is your Zebra thermal printer lp2844 or gc420d (or many other models) printing blank labels on boot or when you open/close the top? It's an annoying setting ...
Details. Possible causes for dark vertical lines on cards: Hard vertical lines can be caused by different components in the printer. The most common is a damaged stepper motor belt or damaged platen roller. Although less common, a defective stepper motor can also cause this issue. If vertical white lines are seen this more than likely is a ...
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To fix skipping label issues for Zebra printers, in particular Zebra 105SL, Zebra 110Xi, Zebra 140Xi, Zebra 170Xi, Zebra 220Xi, Zebra S4M, Zebra Z4M, Zebra S600 and Zebra ZM400, it is recommended that you re-calibrate the printer. Fill out form or call (800) 643-2664. Schedule Onsite Service For Your Zebra Printers.
Click "Install Printer ." Select "ZDesigner LP 2824 Plus [ZPL]" and click "Next." If you have a USB printer , click the Next button to proceed and skip the next step! If you have a LAN printer , in this window, click the "Add Port" button. Enter " Zebra " in the name field or another name of your choosing. Enter the <b>printer's</b> IP address.